When and What Boys Learn about Sexuality

©2005 by David L. Riegel.

Boyhood psychosexual development is a many-faceted process, with inputs from multiple sources, some of which have been minimally investigated at best. For this study, two privately conducted Internet surveys requested, among other things, retrospective information about the age of the respondent at the time he learned about specific intermale sexual activities, the source of his information, his age at the time of his first experience in each activity, and who was his partner in various bilateral activities. One survey is of self-described adult Boy-attracted Pedosexual Males (BPM), nearly two thirds of whom reported mutual masturbation and reciprocal oral sex with a median beginning age of 12. The second generalized Internet survey found smaller percentages reporting these activities, and at somewhat older ages. That a significant percentage of early-teen and pre-teen boys have both knowledge and experience in these areas needs to be taken into consideration by sex educators..

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