Visceral reactions, feedback loops, and responsibility:
Comment and expansion on Bailey (2011)

David L. "Dave" Riegel.

Dr. Bailey has provided us with a very candid and perceptive review of O'Carroll's Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons. But he has gone far beyond the content and arguments of the book into the underlying issues, noting "The lack of scientific evidence supporting my largely visceral reactions against pedophilic relationships has been one of the most surprising discoveries of my hopefully ongoing scientific education." If nothing else, it is delightful to see such a well known academic freely commit himself to his own "ongoing scientific education."

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This essay was submitted to Archives of Sexual Behavior on 10/24/2011. On 1/16/2012 an email was received from Editor Ken Zucker which said, in part: "I will, by the way, publish your Letter about Bailey's review...I just have not had the time yet to copy-edit it and send it to the publisher."

Inquiries since that time have gone unanswered, and it would appear that the promise to publish unfortunately has been forgotten.

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