The sexually endangered child:
Continuity and change in a social problem

by Michael Schetsche

Translated from
Das "sexuell gefährdete kind":
Kontinuität und Wandel eines sozialen Problems.

Centaurus-Verlagsgesellschaft. Pfaffenweiler 1993

      This fascinating book looks at the social phenomenon of the 'sexually at-risk child' by examining the contends of child welfare oriented journals published in Germany between the late 1940s and the early 1990s. It covers the purported dangers posed by: 1) the child him/herself (in the form of masturbation), 2) the media, and finally, 3) sexual approaches by adults. In the opinion of the translator, it is simply one of the best treatises ever written on the true bases of Western culture's ongoing preoccupations with the intersections between the concepts of 'childhood' and 'sexuality.'
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Title and Table of Contents (~22 Kb)
Introduction: Of Seeking and Finding (~2 Mb)
Part One: The Inner Chamber: The Child at Risk from Him/Herself ~5 Mb.
Part Two: The Siren Song: The Child At Risk from the Media (~4 Mb)
Part Three: Children Endangered by Sexual Contacts with Adults (~6 Mb)
Part Four: The Sexually At-Risk Child as Social Problem (~7 Mb)
Conclusions: The Sexually At Risk Child: A Never-ending Story? (~1 Mb)
Sources, Bibliography, and Endnotes (~10Mb)
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