Pedophilia: Should It Be a Given?

Translated from Pädophilie ohne Gretzen, edited by Dr. Frits Bernard

As I write this, precisely six months has passed since my book Attraction to Children came out. In it, I reported the results of a survey of pedophilic men which had been prepared, carried out, and evaluated by a team of people over the course of several years of work. An unusually large number of questions have been directed towards us, sometimes intensely critical, sometimes well thought out, sometimes openly curious. Counting among the remarkable reactions was even the much discussed silence on the part of some. Most of the inquiries came from the mass media. An entire series of pedophilic men had made their presence known. Some sexual scientists' reviews were positive; others responded with quiet embarrassment. The more animated the response got, the more questions were posed; I shall try to comment on and grapple with them here. They shed light on the status of the social discourse on pedophilia.
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