Sexuality, Violence, and Psychological Sequelae

by Michael C. Baurmann

Sexualitat, Gewalt, und psychische Folgen, Bundeskriminalamt, 1983

This is one of the largest studies ever conducted -- anywhere -- of sexual interactions between adults and minors. It encompasses over 8,000 alleged victims, representing all reported sex offenses involving females under age 20 and males under age 14, in the German state of Lower Saxony, in the years 1969-1972. The author examined the records of the time, and also conducted a follow-up study of a cross-section of this group some ten years later. There are 791 pages in the original book, and a "highlights" version is offered as well as the complete work. The English translation files are available only in scanned Adobe ".pdf" format including some handwritten notes by the translator. You must, of course, have Adobe Reader or Acrobat to read the files, and "clicking" on any file will immediately start the download process.

The "highlights" version arbitrarily has been broken into seven segments to keep the individual file sizes within reason. Even so, the files run from 2.1 to 6.6 Megabytes, and require considerable time to download.

Selections from original pages 127 - 300, 18 pages, 6.3 Mb.
Selections from original pages 301 - 370, 22 pages, 6.6 Mb.
Selections from original pages 409 - 434, 15 pages, 5.3 Mb.
Selections from original pages 435 - 470, 14 pages, 5.5 Mb.
Selections from original pages 540 - 668, 6 pages, 2.1 Mb.
Cited studies from original pages 104 - 176, 14 pages, 4.9 Mb.
Cited studies from original pages 183 - 349, 13 pages, 5.2 Mb.

The complete English version is over 1000 pages, 43.7 Megabytes,
and even with high speed access takes well over an hour to download.

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