Promoting and supporting positive participation in public discussions

There is a substantial body of recent, historical, and cross cultural research and evidence to the effect that consensual sexually expressed boyhood relationships with older males (SEBROM) are generally innocuous, usually quite beneficial, and have been making positive contributions to humanity since before history began. But "victimologists," the media, law enforcement, and courts, have created a false image of even consensual SEBROM as traumatic to the boy, and as evil and criminal on the part of his older "boylover" friend. The purpose and plan of this website is to encourage responsible boylovers to participate in various online news fora and other discussion groups in a non-confrontational, civil, and constructive manner, in order to counter this victimological misinformation and to promote the understanding and acceptance of boy/older male relationships.

Links to commented news stories are posted on the forum; these can help one to be current and informed, and may also provide ideas and guidance. A single individual posting one paragraph in one forum is not likely to make much of an impact, but enough members of the world-wide boylove community consistently presenting the truth could very possibly begin to eventually turn the tide. Links to online supportive articles can be included in the post, and our counters indicate that forum readers do click on these links. For mutual support and encouragement, it would be helpful if those who submit comments to media fora would advise us by email, which we will post on the forum for you.

Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.
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