Whenever anyone expresses the view that there may be little or no harm in consensual sexually expressed boyhood relationships with older males, there is a predictable and acrimonious uproar, proclaiming that persons expressing such views must be ignorant, wrong, and/or have ulterior and devious motives. These negative positions are generally held and promoted by “activist groups [which] include therapists and psychiatrists, criminal-justice administrators, women's groups, sexual reformers and libertarians, and moral traditionalists and conservatives, [expressed] through the news media and popular fiction or academic and professional sources” (Jenkins, P., (1998) Moral Panic, New Haven CT: Yale University Press, p. 5). Assertions are made that “everybody knows” that such relationships are invariably intensely harmful, that no boy is capable of consenting to such a relationship, and a “body of evidence” is claimed as proof of all of these. In fact, these
Paperback, 112 pages.
ISBN: 096769972X

               Table of Contents:
  One: Theories and Attitudes 
  Two: Faulty Research 
  Three: Pejorative Language 
  Four: Harassment of Researchers 
  Five: Prevalence of Attractions 
  Six: Child Pornography 
  Seven: Freedom for Boys' Sexuality       
  Eight: Effects of Relationships 
  About the Author 
  Belated Acknowledgements 


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