From 2000 through 2010, SafeHaven Foundation Press published and distributed reputable and positive books on the subject of consensual boyhood relationships with older males. While a few other bookstores occasionally retailed these books, the vast majority were sold through However, in November, 2010, amazon caved in to a wave of media generated hysteria and stopped handling these and various other books. Without this outlet, there was no point in continuing to publish and print, so remaining stocks were donated to some 130 major university libraries across the US and the four most popular books are being made available in electronic form for free downloading.

A few print copies of some of the books may be available from MindGlow Media, click on "Our Catalog" and then scroll down.

Now available in free electronic form:
We were NOT abused! (2007, English), (2010, Spanish)Could they ALL have been WRONG? (2005)
Beyond Hysteria - Boy Erotica on the Internet (2004)Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers (2000/2009)

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