In 1981, Larry Constantine described the area of the sexuality of children on our psychological maps as bearing only the legend "Here there be dragons." Now, over a quarter century later, little real progress has been made in replacing those fictional dragons with factual truth. Indeed, new and more ferocious dragons have been conjured up and nurtured by the advocates of victimology and the practitioners of the "child sex abuse industry."
This book unapologetically aims the lance of truth at the heart of those dragons. This is a battle to the death, for unless these dragons are slain, they will continue to consume our children and those who love and understand those children to a degree that most cannot - and will not - comprehend. Inquisitive and explorative boys are portrayed as being universally harmed by any sexual contacts with older males, but the truth has been known and documented for decades that the real harm to these boys comes not from their willing sexual experimentations, but from society's "taboos" and inappropriate overreactions of parents, teachers, police, and judges.
Paperback, 91 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-9676997-3-8

               Table of Contents:

  1. Absolutism and Demagoguery. 
  2. Here There be Dragons. 
  3. The Convoluted Conundrum of Consent. 
  4. We were NOT abused. 
  5. We are NOT abusers. 
  6. Media Mania, Mythology, 
        and Pedophile Panic. 
  7. Plato's Shadow.       
  8. Righting the wrongs. 
  Afterword by the author 

  About the author  

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