There are two common assumptions about boy erotica. The first is that boy-attracted pedosexual males are incited to "molest" boys by viewing such images. The second is that boys who participate in the making of these images are forced to do so against their will, and that they are irreparably and permanently harmed in the process.

Beyond Hysteria uses two Internet-based surveys presented in 29 tables to demonstrate that neither of these assumptions are supported by the facts. The first, of 321 self-described "boylovers," shows that the viewing of boy erotica actually diminishes their desire for sexual contacts with boys. The second sample is of 29 men who as boys were photographed nude and/or engaged in sexual activities. All of these men report that they participated willingly, and the great majority perceived their experiences as neutral to positive, with negative reactions almost nonexistent.  









     Paperback, 94 pages.                        

     ISBN: 0967699711

     Table of Contents:

Introductory Notes
One: Issues
Two: Predators
Three: Research
Four: People
Five: Orientation
Six: Relationships
Seven: Images
Eight: Stories
Nine: Effects
Ten: Actors
Eleven: Sanity

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