January 3, 1998 - March 31, 2005

How SafeHaven operated.

SafeHaven was an open forum that could be read by anyone. While posts from "Registered" members showed up immediately, the forum was also "pre-moderated" in that posts submitted by non-members had to be approved for content by an administrator before they would show up on the forum. Several co-administrators served from time to time, including, among others, "Ed" and "St. Mule".

Members achieved "registered" status by submitting several acceptable posts and than asking for registration. On rare occasions, a poster's registration would be withdrawn for cause, however, this person could still submit posts for pre-moderation, he was not "banned" as the term is usually seen.

Once in a while, a poster who repeatedly "spammed" the forum would have his IP "banned," but this was even more rare, only one example comes to mind.