January 3, 1998 - March 31, 2005

SafeHaven was created as a place for peaceful and gentlemanly discussion of the issues of responsible boylove. For some seven years it served this purpose and had a faithful following. Here is how it operated.

But eventually all the significant issues had been discussed over and over again, and participation dwindled to almost nothing. Since the forum no longer served the needs of the few remaining participants, it was closed as of March 31, 2005.

Those of us who called this public forum home for so many years will always have fond memories of the conversations we had here, and of the issues that were discussed and to some degree resolved. And although the public forum is no more, the friendships that developed will endure.

The cause of the understanding and acceptance of responsible boylove will continue to go forward in other places and through other media. And someday, many years or even decades from now, those who follow in our footsteps will look back at SafeHaven as one of the places where this crusade took its first steps on that long road.

My deepest thanks to all who participated over those many years.

Dave Riegel