The boy is forcibly and permanently separated from the man he loves, and falls into the clutches of the "child abuse industry". There he is subjected to an incredible amount of humiliating pressure designed to make him be ashamed of what he enjoyed and probably initiated. He is brainwashed into believing that the man he loves is a sick pervert, and he is forcibly indoctrinated with the concept that he must regret and be "cured" of what he previously came to recognize as a normal and enjoyable part of his young life. This scars from this "treatment" can last a lifetime.

More often than not the child is then sent right back into the hell that he previously endured, the reason that he sought the love of "his" man in the first place. This is the outcome of our concept of children as the chattel property of the parents, children with no rights of self determination, condemned to be oppressed by adults until they reach the magic numerical age of majority. Most have been so numbed by their own oppression by that age that they immediately assume the role of oppressor.