Pedophilia, Pejoration, and Prejudice:
Inquiry by Insinuation, Argument by Accusation

David L. Riegel.

Copyright © 2004 by Sexuality & Culture, reproduced by permission

As I and others before me have learned, holding politically incorrect views on the issues involved in what is commonly referred to as “pedophilia” can attract a lot of unfavorable attention. Beyond that, publicly stating or publishing those views frequently generates scathing public criticism from politicians (Rind et al., 2000), radical right wing groups, the media, and even from the supposedly open minded and truth-seeking ivory towers of academia. These criticisms sometimes involve the substance of the issues, but are most frequently ad hominem attacks on the character of the targeted individual and the “immorality” of his views. For those who agree with me, defending my character and/or the “morality” of my views is unnecessary; in the case of my detractors, it is of minimal concern and would be wasted effort. However, I would like to examine the attacks and their perpetrators, and my positions on the substantive issues which have elicited vitriol from at least three of the four sources noted above.

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