Persistence of Suppression of Childhood Sexuality

David L. "Dave" Riegel.

Over the centuries many questionable hypotheses have been proposed and embraced in the sexual sciences and then subsequently repudiated; one of the oldest and most enduring was the masturbation insanity hypothesis (Hare, 1962). Other examples were "multiple personality disorder" (Piper & Merskey, 2004), "repressed/recovered memory" (Loftus & Ketcham, 1994), and "Satanic ritual abuse" (Nathan & Snedecker, 1995). Homosexuality as a mental illness, beginning perhaps with Hooker (1957), has been discarded, while various other Augustinian taboos, such as sex outside of marriage, have quietly gone away. The one taboo that persists to this day as social science dogma is the suppression of childhood sexual involvement with older children and adults, which perhaps most often makes its way into public consciousness in the form of boyhood sexual exploration with older males.

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