Peer Support Exchange
Facilitating real life contact between responsible
boy-attracted pedosexual males of legal age.

 A Bridge to New Friendships  
Whatever position one personally holds as to the harmfulness, benignity, or benefit to either or both partners in consensual sexually expressed boy/older male relationships, in the eyes of most of society and the law these interactions are criminal and punishable. As a result of these recriminations, adolescent and adult males who are sexually attracted to boys younger than themselves ("Boy-Attracted Pedosexual Males," or "BPM") typically lead, as Thoreau put it, "lives of quiet desperation," isolated from peer fellowship or support as well as being denied the companionship of the boys to whom they are attracted. Organized and visible groups are all too often plagued by irresponsible participants and are subject to infiltration and public attacks, which leaves only "chance" meetings or word of mouth, and invisible friendships. Forums and other Internet media do provide occasionally successful venues for BPM to become acquainted, but these are unfocused, random, haphazard, inefficient, and often riddled with fakes. Peer Support Exchange has been created in an effort to deal with these problems and limitations, and to provide a bridge to new friendships.

Notwithstanding the Disclaimer and Warning on the previous page which is amplified below, it is believed that by using appropriate good judgment, safe and rewarding real-life meetings can be arranged otherwise, this site would not exist. Those who meet the qualifications are therefore encouraged to register and to contact other registrants.

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Since January 2009, there have been 25105 visits to Peer Support Exchange,
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