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Peer Support Exchange
  A Bridge to New Friendships  

Facilitating real life contact between responsible boy-attracted pedosexual males of legal age.

The older boy or adult male who is emotionally and sexually attracted to younger boys finds himself in a world which sees him as sick and in need of treatment, correction, or even confinement. Mental health services constitute a very real danger to him, as he risks being reported to authorities and subsequently monitored if not harassed. The Internet has provided him with some degree of empathy and support, but these electronic exchanges do not fulfill his human need for real life contact with others who understand his longings, needs, and frustrations.

This website facilitates electronic contacts between responsible boy-attracted pedosexual males of legal age which are specifically directed toward the building of trust sufficient for eventual real life meeting and friendships. This process is, of course, not without danger, as there are many who might try to subvert this facility for their own purposes, either to harass the participants, or to further illegal activities. To protect the participants, as well as the web site itself, it is therefore necessary to state the following disclaimers and warnings:

  • While there are vigorous academic and public discussions as to the helpfulness or harmfulness of actual sexually expressed boyhood relationships with older males, and of the positive or negative effects of viewing boy erotica ("child pornography"), both are illegal in almost all jurisdictions, and thus any references or discussion of these through this site are expressly prohibited.

  • While the operators of this website have had literally scores of real-life meetings through Internet contacts, they cannot vouch for the authenticity of registrants, or of any statements or claims these parties may make. The responsibility for prudence and wisdom in meeting strangers lies completely and absolutely with the participants, and the operators of this website hereby disclaim any responsibility for these meetings or the results thereof.
By clicking on the button below, I certify that I subscribe to the principles of responsible boylove, that I have read the above disclaimers and warnings, and that I accept all responsibility for the results of any meetings that may be facilitated by this website.