Motivational and Behavioral Characteristics of Boy-attracted Pedosexual Males:
Validation of a Typology Using an Internet Survey

©2007 by David L. Riegel.

Over the past quarter century or more, research on males who are sexually attracted to boys has focused largely on clinical patients and prisoners. In the present study, men outside these settings were recruited online to participate in a survey designed to examine a proposed typology of such males, which comprises seven classes across which the sexual dimensions of these males' relationships with boys range from purely platonic through sexually passive, active, and aggressive, while the nonsexual dimensions of nurturing and/or mentoring boys vary from substantial to absent. Of the 517 men who submitted valid questionnaires, relatively few gave responses that placed them in the more active or aggressive classes which typify the "child molester" or "predator" image. The vast majority fell into the platonic or passive classes, where their interactions with boys would be less likely to come to the attention of clinicians or legal authorities.