An Introduction to Boylove

Counsel for those coming to terms with their sexual attraction to boys

For a man or an older boy to come to terms with his sexual attraction to boys is often very
difficult sometimes even traumatic. This paper offers background information and counsel.

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In addition to the article offered on this site, there are countless Internet sites which are in one way or another related to the issues of sexually expressed boy/older male relationships, or "boylove." Some of these are in agreement with the principles of Responsible BoyLove, while others are much less so and border on unethical if not illegal. In the process of developing one's understanding, it is necessary to be judicious and selective when investigating these web sites. Other articles and books in the same area as this Introduction may be found here, and another place to begin searching is BoyLinks.

Another possibility to consider is the very careful searching out of like-minded real life friends. One site which attempts to facilitate this quest is Peer Support Exchange.

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