Boy-Attracted Pedosexual Orientation in Males
An Internet based etiological and experiential study

David L. Riegel (revised 20 June 2012)

Note: The text responses from "What BoyLovers Say About Themselves" have been incorporated into the body of this report

    Research into the origins of the sexually expressed attraction of older boys and men to boys have almost exclusively, especially in the US, been based on samples of clinical or prison subjects, whose reports were compromised both by their situation and their need to say whatever they felt would justify their behaviors and/or improve their circumstances. Conventional academic or professional "face to face" methods were not available, either then nor now, in the US wherein Boy-Attracted Pedosexual Males (BPM) who were free from clinical or forensic inhibitions could be investigated, although a few such studies were carried out in Europe. Therefore, in the current study the Internet was used to conduct an anonymous quantitative and qualitative convenience survey of 297 self-identified Boy-Attracted Pedosexual Males (BPM) volunteer subjects who were not compromised by clinical or prison constraints. While there was significant uncertainty, these subjects generally reported that genetics and positive boyhood sexual experiences with peers were major contributors to their attractions to boys.

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