Effects on Boy-Attracted Pedosexual Males of Viewing Boy Erotica

David L. Riegel.

Howitt (1995), after reviewing previous quantitative research and conducting his own case studies, concluded that viewing of child pornography was not causal to actual sexual contact between pedophiles and children. A recent survey utilizing the Internet has provided data on 321 non-clinical and non-prison male subjects who describe themselves as being sexually attracted to boys, and who have the opportunity, principally through the Internet, of viewing and reading erotic materials featuring boys. The results of this survey support Howitt.

This research was reported in two forms, the following links are to the 2004 abridged version published as a "Letter to the Editor" in Archives of Sexual Behavior 33(4) 321-323.

The following links are to the 2003 unpublished, original, full length paper

An electronic version of an out-of-print book based on this same research is available here.

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