The Unauthorized Biography of

Walter Harlan "Mike" Echols

As reported below, Mike Echols died in jail on January 10, 2003. This site is kept open at the request of those who feel that there are lessons to be learned from his misspent life.

Walter Harlan "Mike" Echols has a long history of disdaining and circumventing the law, ignoring standards of truth and evidence, and disregarding even common human decency. He makes wholesale, unfounded, and untrue accusations on his web site and by other means of communication against scores of people, most of whom have committed no crime, people who are law abiding citizens, people whose only intentions are to respect, love, and mentor boys, and to deal openly and honestly with the phenomena of pedosexuality and boylove. He posts misinformation, outright lies, supposed "facts" that are solely the product of his sick imagination, and stolen pictures in violation of copyright laws. He even has one picture that he purloined from a state sex offender registry, even though such replication is expressly forbidden.

As of 11/9/01, some, but not all, of the stolen pictures have been removed from the web site. Echols' name no longer figures prominently in the site, the email has been changed, and one of the officers of the corporation has been replaced. Echols, however, is still listed as the registrant of the Internet domain, and the president of the corporation.

As you read the following chronologically arranged articles, notice how they illustrate Echols' egotism and paranoia. He always sees himself as right and justified (even in breaking the law), anyone who disagrees with him as evil and conspiratorial (even other so called "child advocates"), he claims he uncovers intrigues, abuses, and coverups that, however, cannot be proven, and he imagines threats to his life and well being coming from every quarter.

He is also very clever in convincing people that his purported cause is so beneficial and important that they should overlook his criminality. He boasts that he has received free merchandise from Gateway Computer, and for a while he had hoodwinked Kinkos into providing him with free copying services.Kinkos is to be commended for terminating Echols' scam when they became aware of his true nature. However, those who are still a part of his organization, and others who have been deceived by his duplicity, need to realize that they are consorting with a convicted felon who has a continuing penchant for illegal stalking and criminal harassment, and that they may be exposing themselves to both civil and criminal penalties if they participate in, support, or aid and abet his activities.

The references and links that follow were obtained from personal investigation, various newspaper articles, and other online sources. They are presented in good faith as being accurate and true, and any provable error in fact will be corrected upon notification and verification. While comments and subjective opinions are herein expressed, no specific allegations of criminal activity will be published which cannot be substantiated by current, or at least former, printed or on line sources. We apologize to all those who have sent us stories of personal, telephone, and email harassment and threats by Mr. Echols, but we cannot publish them here without publicly accessible sources of documentation.

  • A brief biographical background.

  • 1982    Echols abruptly fled from his connection with the New Mexico Boys' School in Springer, NM, after making unsubstantiated accusations of "emotional, legal, physical, and sexual abuse of the boys in residence by some of the School's staff members". These accusations resulted in an expensive investigation, but no prosecutions. Source: Autobiography.

  • 1985 through 1993    Echols rented office space supposedly to work on his "I Know My First Name Is Stephen" book, and then refused to vacate when the lease was up on January 31, 1986. The owner installed new locks on February 1, 1986, Echols, after writing a suicide note, broke in, and was subsequently charged with burglary and other related crimes. He was convicted of all three counts on December 5, 1986, but was released on bond pending an appeal. When he was due to report on July 23, 1989 to begin serving his sentences, he instead fled to El Paso, TX, where he used the alias "Jim Albertson". He was turned in to the police in Houston, TX, by his sister and arrested, but he jumped bond again and fled to San Francisco. He was finally apprehended in Monterey, California, in 1993.
    Clear Creek County, Colorado, District Court Register of Actions.

    Denver, Colorado, Rocky Mountain News newspaper reports.

  • 1988   While free on bond during an appeal on his December, 1986 burglary conviction in Clear Creek County, Echols was charged on February 19, 1988, with physically abusing two 13 year old boys under his care near Steamboat Springs, Routt County, Colorado. He initially pled not guilty on April 27, 1988, but had changed his plea to guilty by January 25, 1989. He was offered and accepted supervised probation as a condition to deferred judgment and sentencing, but he failed to comply with the court ordered stipulations, and on May 14, 1990 was ordered to appear for a Show Cause hearing for Failure to Comply on June 26, 1990. He failed to appear at this hearing, and Judge Garrecht issued a bench warrant for his arrest. According to newspaper accounts of the Clear Creek case, he had already fled to El Paso, Texas, by this time
    Routt County Court Records.

  • 1994   On August 8, 1994, Echols asked Mr. Savely L. Savva of Monterey for permission to stay in his house for three days. According to a letter dated October 31, 1994 from Mr. Savva, and a previous agreement dated Septemeber 30, 1994 and signed by both parties, Echols owed Mr. Savva $6,859.95 in loans and interest, plus $1,350.00 in unpaid lodging fees when Echols was finally convinced to leave sometime in November. After some 16 pages of acrimonious legal wrangling, the court, on December 23, 1994, awarded Mr. Savva only $1,100.00 of the $8,209.95 that Echols had previously admitted he rightfully owed. It is not known if Mr. Savva ever actually collected even that small amount, but in his letter, Mr. Savva states: "I considered you ... a decent person ... (but you) ... taught me to the contrary." Source: Court documents, Case # M30844, Monterey, CA.

  • 1997   Echols physically assaulted an animal rights protester. June, 1997.

  • 1998   In another incident which shows Echols' belief that the world not only owes him a living, but also a free place to live, he rented an apartment in Monterey from Mr. Victor Solntsev on October 9, 1997, and by January 16, 1998 was being served with a complaint of Unlawful Detainer for failure to pay his rent. Although he had never notified Mr. Solntsev, Echols asserted that he had not paid his rent because of inadequate maintenance. However, on February 18, Judge Richard Curtis dismissed Echols' complaints and awarded a summary judgment to Mr. Solntsev in the amount of $1,269.39. Apparently Mr. Solntsev and his attorney, Mr. Brown, realized that there would be no money forthcoming, and subsequently agreed to vacate the judgment on the condition that Echols simply get out of the apartment and forfeit his security deposit. Source: Court documents, Case # M39585, Monterey, CA.

  • 1999   Echols was denied entrance into Canada as a convicted felon, and was found to be carrying computer discs containing child pornography. February 14, 1999.

  • 1999   Jody Stayner, Stephen Stayner's widow, was upset by Echol's actions. Source: Merced Sun-Star, August 6, 1999.

  • 1999    Echols was supposedly injured while getting off a public bus in Monterey, CA. He subsequently demanded a large sum of money as compensation for his alleged injuries, and when he was refused, made public death threats against the officials of the municipal bus company. After the conviction, sentencing Judge William Moreno stated that "he himself was concerned that Echols posed a risk to public safety".
    Monterey County court records.

    Monterey County (California) Herald newspaper accounts.

    An eyewitness account of the sentencing on January 14, 2000.

  • 2000   Echols was charged with harassment of an openly known researcher and author. Source: Tucson, Arizona police records and personal communication. July 13, 2000.

  • 2001   Echols' web hosting account was terminated by the latest in a long string of disenchanted providers, "netcbc Santa Monica, CA, and he moved to his current provider, Direclynx Inc., 601 Hobson Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901. Source: Internet registration records.

  • 2001   Assistant executive directors of Echols' "BAM" "organization" resign in protest. Undated news release by OMNI POTENT, estimated to have been in April, 2001.

  • 2001   Alleged teen pornography victim outed by "Better A Millstone". Adapted from Ashland, Kentucky Daily Independent & television station WLWT, April 2001.

  • 2002   Felony charges in teen pornography case, developed by Predator Hunter and used by Echols as a publicity gimmick, are dropped. Ashland, Kentucky Daily Independent, January 2002. (Link no longer available)

  • 2002   Charged with indecent exposure among other things, jailed for failure to appear. December 2002.(Link no longer available)

  • 2002   Sentenced to 150 days. December 2002.

  • 2002   Sent to hospital to be treated for hypertension, walks out due to confusion, is rearrested. December 2002.(Link no longer available)

  • 2003   Dies in jail on January 10, 2003. Last known photo, used in the printed version of the newspaper article, is at right.

  • 2003   Cause of death given as pulmonary embolism.

    An unofficial psychological evaluation of Mr. Echols, done in 2001 and based on his public criminal record, indicates that he exhibits many of the characteristics of a deeply sexually conflicted individual, i.e., pathological lying, manipulative and destructive social behavior, a self-deluded neurosis, self-aggrandizement, an occasionally out of control violence-driven personality, obsessive or compulsive preoccupations, and/or some combination of all of these. It would require lengthy in depth clinical psychiatric evaluations to diagnose and attempt to treat these conditions, but this is not likely to happen outside of institutionalization or incarceration.

    Invoking pejorative buzz words such as "pedophile" and child pornography, Echols unconscionably capitalizes on such an emotionally charged although factually unsupported misconception of human sexuality that people tend not to question the accuracy or validity of his wild and generally baseless accusations and denunciations. His appeals are to unreasoned fear and mindless hatred rather than rationality and. logic. But the record shows that he has been a failure as a social worker and newspaper reporter, and now in his current activities he has offended and exasperated not only his coconspirators, but also the vast majority of law enforcement professionals and media personnel. He has succeeded only in discrediting himself and his so called organization, and now is ignored by all but a handful of those with whom he has come in contact. Only those who are uninformed or willfully in denial of his psychological problems, character faults, and criminal history pay any heed to his pronouncements. It would seem to be only a matter of time until even those few who continue to support him discover his true nature.

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