This paper is a restatement and further development of two previous papers: An Alternative to Pedophilia, and Misopedia: Redefining Child Sexual Abuse in the DSM-5. The Misopedia paper has been withdrawn. Much of the current paper is similar to these two papers, but is updated in that the new DSM-5 regrettably retains the old "Pedophilic Disorder" diagnosis.

Redefining sexually expressed relationships between children
and older persons: Rationality versus myths and hysteria
David L. Riegel

Revised 16 April 2013


The indiscriminate use of arbitrarily defined terms such as pedophile, pederast, abuser, molester, predator, etc., in the area of sexually expressed relationship between children and older persons has created a pejorative social climate that has little to do with empirical facts and rational research and much to do with myths and hysteria. This paper reviews a selection of the literature in this area and draws upon otherwise overlooked facts and research to attempt to redefine some terms more accurately, and to introduce new terms where there seems to be a lack. The primary focus is on boy/older male relationships, although the information and discussions in most cases to a large degree can be applied to other age/gender combinations such as girl/older male.

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