Correlates of Pedophilia? 

David L. "Dave" Riegel
Revised 25 July 2016

Abstract: Based on studies of prison and clinical populations, various authors have claimed correlations between pedophilia and stature, handedness, IQ, and various other physical and mental traits. These authors have also implied generalization of these correlations to all pedophiles, but examination of the non-prison, non-clinical, voluntary, "free range" Internet sample used in this paper does not support such sweeping assumptions.

As reported below, this web page has had a substantial number of readers, and it therefore seems appropriate to give notice that the paper was submitted to Archives of Sexual Behavior and was refused acceptance by one of their editors, Dr. Martin Lalumiere, with the concurrence of Editor-in-Chief Dr. Kenneth Zucker. They claimed the investigation and report were defective not so much on findings, but on various peripheral grounds, including the absence of an Institutional Review because the author was not affiliated with any institution. Also, the plain and simple presentation of the data was faulted because there were no esoteric statistical analyses, and the lack of a proper control group was cited, although the effective control group was the entire world population. And although the relevant questions were simple and straightforward, it was complained that they were not said to have been "standardized." And there were other purported "academic" problems, although the substance of the investigation was not discussed to any length.
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