Commentaries and response on the Psychosexual Development of Boys
In conjunction with the online and print publication of The Role of Androphilia in the Psychosexual Development of Boys (Free Access) by Dave Riegel, the Editor of International Journal of Sexual Health, Dr. Eli Coleman, published an Editor's Note (Free Access) in which he requested the submission of formal commentaries. but even after this published request was further made known in the vary active "list serve" known as "SexNet," as well as through a large number of known emails, there were only four commentaries submitted. As is customary, the author of the original paper was allowed to submit his response to these commentaries.

One of these commentaries came from Tom O'Carroll, who spoke of the danger and difficulty of publishing works in this area, and another from Agus Malón, who addressed the vast and apparently intractable differences between various camps in this debate. A third commentary came from Diederick Janssen, who not only mislabeled the original paper as a "defense of pederasty," but descended into sarcasm, satire, and ridicule in a torrent of incomprehensible postmodern gobbledygook whose purpose and conclusions were not discernable. The fourth commentary, which was very substantive and would have contributed greatly to any ensuing discussion, was abruptly withdrawn when its well known "senior statesman" author apparently developed cold feet about exposing himself to the recriminations that go along with publishing anything in this area that is not "politically correct."

A response to these commentaries has been accepted by Editor Coleman and is currently in the publication process with the journal publisher. The version presented here is the one submitted to the publisher.

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