Why do some websites and forums seem to address boy/older male sexuality in rather insensitive and offensive ways?

In a persecuted group which has no appreciable organization and limited communication, the most visible members tend to be the most arrogant and irresponsible, whereas the reasonable, rational, and responsible are less frequently seen or heard from. There are countless Internet sites which have to do with various aspects of boylove, some exclusively, while others conflate boylove with other issues. Each of these reflects the view of the person(s) who sponsor them, and these views run the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous.

In apparent recognition of the negative image that some of their participants project, most "boylove" fora require a simple registration which would seem to be intended to dissuade casual "surfers." However, anyone who provides a legitimate email address can register to read, although there usually is some sort of a probationary period for full posting privileges. Examination of these fora will reveal a wide range of positions and discussions, as well as an obvious internal tension between various factions and individuals, most generally irresponsible versus responsible and lust versus love. Those who are looking for "dirt" will find plenty of it, but those with objective purposes who look beyond the dirt can also find civil and rational discussions.

For those who want to investigate on their own, here are two samples: Registration required.

BoyChat Registration not required.