Are boylove and pedophilia the same thing?

When considering all the widely diverse elements that are indiscriminately lumped together under the heading of pedophilia, one is prone to think of the tongue-in-cheek description of a camel as a racehorse designed by a committee. In the jargon which currently seems to be in vogue, I would like to “deconstruct” that camel and examine both its components and its creators, i.e., those like Finkelhor (1981) who originated victimological theory and the basis for the “child sex abuse industry.”

First, even the word itself is corrupted and misused. “Pedophilia” (or “paedophilia” if one happens to be under the spell of the Queen’s English), comes from the Greek pais (child or youth, not gender specific, the combining form is paedo or pedo ) and philia (friendly love or affection – it would be eros if it meant physical or sexual love). So pedophilia is by etymology the non-sexual love of a child or youth – not sexual lust after a minor, as it has been corrupted in today’s usage. Every parent, grandparent, uncle, and aunt is – or at least should be - a pedophile.

The above is excerpted from Pedophilia, Pejoration, and Prejudice: Inquiry by Insinuation, Argument by Accusation, which was published in 2005 by Sexuality & Culture.