Why are all incidents of sexually expressed boy/older male experiences reported in the media as "crimes?"

The criminalization and public demonization of consensual sexually expressed boyhood relationship with older males has been described by various authors as "iatrogenic," i.e., the "treatment" of the supposed problem causes considerable harm to the boy, not to mention his older partner. Wilson (1981), for example, noted "A punitive and draconian justice system that directly punishes a paedophile, indirectly scapegoats a boy who has been involved in a sexual relationship with an older man, ... and does so with an impact that severely damages both... (p. 133). Constantine (1981) describes external interference in these relationships as "psychonoxious," and Ingram describes a situation where the boy had been emotionally "buggered ... by the police and the doctor." (p. 181).

Iatrogensis is discussed more thoroughly in Malón (2009), and the general state of sexophobic hysteria is well described by Jenkins (1998).


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