Are boylovers homosexuals?

Adult male homosexuality is very much present today, although fifty years ago it was much less visible, and a century ago it was rare. This raises the question as to where all these "gays" suddenly came from, although some will make the unsupportable claim that they were always there, but in hiding. Unlike reproductive heterosexuality and boy/older male mentoring relationships with a sexual component, adult male homosexuality lacks a genuine history and contributes nothing of obvious value to society. From an evolutionary perspective, such a lack of utility would seem to indicate that it should have been selected against and long since been eliminated from the gene pool. One possibility is that adult male homosexuality is in reality a longitudinally displaced and substitutionary form of sexually expressed boy/older male relationships, a metamorphosis generated by the extreme societal repression and demonization of boy/older male relationships. In this scenario, homosexuals are really only unfulfilled loved boys or frustrated boylovers, and the question of whether boylovers are homosexuals becomes one of semantics.

From a political point of view, however, homosexuals have separated themselves from boylovers in order to improve their public perception, and a large but indeterminate percentage of boylovers do not identify as homosexual.

These issues are discussed in depth in Plato’s Shadow: The relationship of adult male homosexuality to boylove.